House Special-Head Of State Fish


Assorted Meat with Egusi Soup



Welcome to 203 Resturant & Bar! Looking for an African restaurant with the complete package for real delicious food, drinks and a general merry atmosphere.With seating capacity for 60 people and a seperate Dance area if you wish to dance the night in our Night Club. We offer delicious African, Carribean cuisine as well as continental dishes with Original African taste.Our aim is to deliver finger-licking experiences at fantastic prices.

Resturant & Wine Bar


Our foods are made with natural ingredients that offer a distinctive taste and texture. Most times meal presentation could give an idea how meticulus and tidy our chefs are... rich aroma, great taste producing the whole essences of African food as you would desire. Feel at home at 203 and enjoy our hot served meals with drinks from the best wineries and best brewed drinks .You are guaranteed the highest level of relaxation at 203 Nigerian Resturant and Bar.

Basement Bar


Fancy a night out ?

Our Basement Bar with its warm and cosy setting offers the perfect atmosphere to hide away in cool seclusion. While the night away with our house our various guest DJ to the best in Afro and Caribbean beats, trot across the globe with the eclectic musical mix as you bask in our state of the art lighting. Sundays offers the perfect ambience to unwind to a mix of soulful RnB, Jazz or other long missed favorites our old hits are endless and varied